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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I saw portrait sessions in the archives on your blog, do you still offer them?
A: Effective December 2011, I am taking an extended break from human portrait photography (I am still accepting canine and feline sessions via my pet portraiture business). As of January 2013, I have no plans of resuming sessions this calendar year. If you’d like to be among the first to know when I’ll begin scheduling non-pet portrait sessions again, click here to sign up for portrait wait list notifications.

**During 2012 & 2013 I will continue providing the CMP Gives Back – Armed Forces Program sessions on a very limited basis for military personnel (& their immediate families) as well as being a participating photographer for Inspiration Through Art (formerly The Littlest Heroes Project). Click on one the above links for more information.

Q: What gear do you use? What software do you use?
 A: All of my camera bodies and lenses are from the Canon lineup. My primary camera is the original Canon 5D, with the Canon 40D as backup. My go-to lens for pet sessions is the Canon 24-70 mm f/2.8 L; for my travel, landscape, and fine art work, I also pull out the Canon 17-40 mm f/4 L, Canon 40 mm f/2.8 (aka the ‘pancake’ lens), Canon 70-200 mm f/4L, and the Canon 100 mm f/2.8 Macro. My go-to bag is the Epiphanie Lyric; when I need everything, I use a Kata camera backpack. I use a Manfrotto tripod and ballhead, and on rare occasions, a Sigma flash. All my basic processing is done in Adobe Lightroom 3 (will upgrade to LR4 as soon as I have time); full edits are done in Adobe Photoshop CS4.

 Q: I saw an image on your blog I’d like to purchase a print of but its not listed in your online storefront at Etsy? Do you have online storefronts at Imagekind, Redbubble, or Fine Art America?
 A: Just email me which image (send me the url to the post – and if there’s more than one image, the # the image is sequence-wise in the post) and what print size you’d like to purchase. I’ll add a copy to the etsy store for you to purchase. Please note, some personal images as well as past portrait client images are not available for general public purchase.

I am currently updating the image selections that I have available for purchase at Imagekind, Redbubble, and Fine Art America — once these are back up and ready for the general public, I will add the links to the menu above.

Q: What’s the difference in images listed in your Etsy shop and what is available via the storefronts at Imagekind, Redbubble, or Fine Art America? What happened to your shop here at
 A: Prints in my etsy shop are ‘in stock’ — aka ready to ship — with the exception of the periodic listings that allow you to upsize a print to 11×14 or 16×20 on the three paper types I print landscape and fine art prints on, which I order from my labs as orders are placed.

Images listed @ the other three storefronts are not printed by my preferred labs/shipped by me — they are printed by the above websites’ preferred labs and shipped by them direct to you. Due to limited storage space, I am unable to keep all the images available for purchase in stock. Also, these storefronts offer additional sizes as well as canvas options not available in the etsy shop.

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