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About Christina

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Me, briefly: Texan. American. Christian. Daughter. Sister. Dog lover. Owned by a feline. Bookworm.  Runner. Photographer. Blogger. Travel lover. Wordy. Loyal. Overachieving. Procrastinator. Wallflower.

Five random tidbits about me … that have absolutely nothing to do with photography:

… Was bitten by the traveling bug at an early age … and for the last nine years, my passport has nagged me to use it more than I have.

… One of these years I plan to live abroad for awhile … before I retire, that is.

… Been a bookworm since the age of 5 … speed reader status achieved shortly afterward. According to the owner of the local book exchange, I have ‘eclectic’ reading tastes.

… I’m a weather junkie … I seriously considered becoming a meteorologist once upon a time. I don’t leave the house without watching the weather on one of the local stations or checking the weatherbug app on my phone.

… I’ve had a blog/online journal of some format since early 2001 … and a website (mostly designed & coded by myself) since 1999. I own way too many domain names, both personal usage & for business activities!

a few of my favorite things ...

On the photography front …
… I’ve been fascinated with cameras since childhood … I’m sure my grandfather appreciated all the film he developed to find my *pretend* images mixed in!

… My only formal photography education was a basics course in high school where I learned the basics of using an SLR, developing my own film, and producing my own prints. One of these days I’d like to get back in a dark room for fun, but will stick to the *digital darkroom* (aka Photoshop and Lightroom) for now.

… I didn’t become serious about photography until 2005 … nearly everything I’ve learned since then about the art of photography was self taught through trial and error, books, online forums, Flickr, seminars, and workshops. The learning/self-growth never stops …

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Awards/Recognition …
Henderson County Art Show 2007 – Portrait Category (1st Place)
Athens Review’s Best Photographer for 2009
WFAA’s A-List Top 5 Pet Photographers in DFW – 2010 (2nd Place  – Top 5 list here)
WFAA’s A-List Top 5 Pet Photographers in DFW – 2011 (4th Place  – Top 5 list here)