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Friday Miscallany

Been forever since I posted on a Friday … so here’s a snippet of what I’ve been up to this month …

#1: Already planning my next trip for this fall … and yes, I’m traveling somewhere that has mountains again:)

#2:  After my New Mexico trip at the end of May, I realized that a front-wheel drive 4 cylinder engine car just isn’t cut for traveling at higher altitudes than those in the Lone Star State. Needless to say, I’m researching vehicles, particularly ones that are rear-wheel drive and have a V6 instead, when I get ready to trade in within the next few months.

#3: After an intentionally slow summer (since I anticipated another one like last year’s), I’m gearing back up for the holiday season. If you’re not on the Sit.Stay.Snap. newsletter list (which I apologize for being a total slacker in regards to this spring!), sign up now to get a heads up on holiday pet sessions.

#4: Looking through old self portraits to come up with an idea for this month’s, I found this self portrait from 2006:

Its been five years (as of 7.12.12) since I had Lasik done … I don’t miss needing glasses to see distances, but sometimes I miss wearing them since people did guess closer to my age than they did with me without them!

#5: The London Games begin in 7 days … during which time I will probably ignore my email, my phone, and anything that isn’t related to the Olympics. Yes, I’m an Olympics junkie …

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