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Week 7 | Athens Texas Photographer


details | east texas landscape photography by Christina McCall

sewing | athens texas photographer - christina mccall

I tried to pick only one image this week … the top one is my artsy image, the second one is a behind the scenes look at other things/hobbies/activities I spend time on besides photography. First time in … *counting in my head* nearly 19 years I’ve attempted to use that sewing machine. Last time I used it it rebelled and I conceded defeat at attempting to sew with anything other than just a needle and thread by hand!

In addition to the mini site launch on Saturday, the ‘howdy’ section that’s on the homepage of this blog site was updated over the last few days to reflect some of the changes in progress at CMP. Since I own both and, my portrait portfolios are migrating to the latter domain name, so I will be using the former (aka this domain) primarily for my personal and travel photographic work in the future. I will continue to feature portrait sessions periodically here on the blog and all the information pages linked on the menu above will still be accessible here as well as business announcements. Too much time and energy putting all of it together (as well as the fact I don’t want to update marketing materials until my stockpile is depleted!) to spend hours or days copying and pasting text over to a new site doesn’t appeal to me ;-)  Just thought I’d explain so new visitors looking for client sneak peek debuts or recent work won’t wonder why I’m not sharing them as often as in the past! 

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