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FYI, CMP’s open for business again … and hopefully will be caught up on emails and phone calls by the end of this upcoming weekend!

Last, but certainly not least of the Route 66 blog post tour is Catoosa and Foyil

Catoosa’s other claim to fame (besides being the most inland port in the US) … the Blue Whale. This was the second time I’ve seen it in person (the first being in 1999 and not having a clue that it was a Route 66 icon) … the second image was shot with the fisheye lens I’d rented for this trip.

This bridge crosses the Verdigris River …

Next up, Foyil and the Totem Poles!

… and that’s all folks! At least of the Oklahoma Route 66 series! Next up during the summer blog vacation, some images from Fredericksburg, Texas …

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