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Friday Miscallany | Athens Texas Photographer

Thank goodness its Friday! Its been a crazy week — and month — around here. It probably doesn’t help that I have half a dozen projects going on behind the scenes on top of portrait sessions on the weekends!

Over Labor Day weekend, I went scouting locations with a friend for his upcoming book release (*hint, hint* Seth, can’t wait to see which one y’all pick for the cover!) — these were some of the ‘rejects’ due to orientation or that I snapped for myself while out driving around a two county area.

This is really a cute little blue house. However, due to the subject content of the book, I was on the lookout for something that looked like a meth house or that I could photoshop some grunginess to make it look like one. I think we were in the wrong part of the two-county area based on where all the busts were occurring for awhile. Anyway, Seth’s request was for black and white images — so once I finished converting the final round of images, I sat down with the rejects and had some Photoshop fun with some textures I rarely ever think to use while editing.

Loved the hazy/dreamy quality to this image once I finished with it. This ditch and the vista behind it would be perfect for sessions (as long as they haven’t mowed it) … if I only remembered where the heck it was located!

This is from the Athens City Cemetery — near the Murchison family plot. I love this angel statue, its been a previous ‘photo subject’ of mine.

Tomorrow the Till’s slideshow will be online — and Sunday I will be sharing a few of my top favorite national park images from The Roadtrip in commemoration of the television premiere of Ken Burns’ The National Parks miniseries. And, yes, for those that know me well enough, not only is the dvd version that will be released next month on my Christmas Wish List, I’ve already guilted someone into pre-ordering it to guarantee its under the Christmas tree! Now if anyone wants to get me the companion book, I won’t complain a bit;)

evie - September 26, 2009 - 10:21 pm

well, if those are the rejects I can’t wait to see what gets chosen!

Dawn Bratton - September 28, 2009 - 3:08 pm

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

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