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Rural | East Texas Travel Photography

Unlike most of the travel/fine art images I’ve started debuting and will feature at 5 foot 4 Productions, this one was not taken with one of my DSLR’s … it was taken with my 8 mp Canon point and shoot camera I keep in my purse.

On Monday — I couldn’t resist stopping along the the farm to market road near my house as I was heading home from work to take some images of the fog and sillouettes of trees and fences. This is my favorite image out of the batch …

Ran a few actions over it to sharpen the fence and grass, enhance both the fog and golden brown of the grass, and topped it on this particular version with a vintage effect.

I think I may just order myself a print of this for my office — I need something to counter the bright white walls:)

kate - February 1, 2009 - 1:47 am

it’s amazing what you can do with a p&s :]

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