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From the Studio – Winter/Spring 2009 | East Texas Portraiture Photography

Happy 2009! Has everyone had their black-eyed peas yet – for good luck (obviously)? As residents of the Black-Eyed Pea Capital, we highly recommend it;)

I still find it hard to believe that 2008 went by so quickly! This past year resulted in a lot of changes for me, especially on the business end. I revamped the website, color scheme, and logo until I found a combination that fits not only me and my personality (in front of and behind the camera!), but isn’t too girlie for Robby’s sake! I also sunk quite a bit of money into upgrading the gear in our camera bags – and plan to add a couple more items in the near future. Additionally, 2008 was a year of growth behind the camera. In addition to attending a couple workshops and some educational materials, both of us focused on improving in the areas we were weak in as well as the style that fits us best. I love shooting details and offbeat stuff – thus a move to more macro details and a casual/grunge focus with sessions and my personal photography. Robby is a big picture kind of guy, but is beginning to understand my obsession with detail shots – as well honing his timing on behind the scenes candids!

And growth is a continuing theme with 2009 – besides some new lenses and upgrades on the computer hardware (necessary for post-production of client images) – we’re both continuing with the workshop/education route. I’ll be attending (with a local photographer friend) a workshop taught by Sam Puc’ in February, as well as any others I can locate in the Texas/Oklahoma region during 2009.

New product lines are in the works – canvases and digital negatives are currently available for purchase; coffee table-style books and albums are next on the agenda. We’re also working on ‘going green’ – so we’re nixing our print brochures and contracts/releases in lieu of digital ones – they’ll be available soon in both .pdf (Adobe Acrobat Reader) and Macromedia Flash formats. I’ll still have business cards and postcards to send to anyone who wants information in print – but with digital versions, I can update anytime its necessary and not be stuck with leftover brochures I have to store or throw away!

Late winter and early spring are dubbed – in the photography world – as the ‘slow season.’ So – this time around, I’m taking advantage of it and sharing my empty calendar with all of you by offering what I’m (not so creatively) dubbing the “Slow Season Special” – want more details? You’ll have to visit the blog at tomorrow (Friday, January 2nd) to see for yourselves!

Additionally, print and product pricing has been adjusted for 2009 – while I’ve made changes periodically to the session and collection pricing, I’ve hesitated to adjust pricing on prints and products. However, the vendors I use have recently adjusted their pricing – so in order to pay the bills and be able to offer you a quality product and service, I’m adjusting pricing accordingly. With the price adjustments, I’m bumping up the level of product you’ll receive. I only use professional printers for prints and products, which is worth every penny, I promise! New pricing guides will be available by the end of this weekend – in a text pdf, image pdf, and a snazzy new flash version.

I’ve also made it a personal goal to work on enhancing the commercial/travel side of portfolio – which I started this fall. As a history lover, a trip just isn’t complete without stopping at historic sites. Ask my family – I think I enjoyed Vicksburg more than Disney World on our last major trip! So, for me, the best way to fill my travel and history obsessions is to combine it with my photography passion – thus, lots of documenting is in the works. So much history, especially in small towns, is torn down and replaced with hideous modern structures and I’m on a mission to capture it before its gone. Currently I’m knee-deep in photographing central Texas and parts of the Hill Country – three trips in the past two months and I’m nowhere close to being done! On free weekends this year, I’ll be knocking out a growing list of towns/cities/places I’ve accumulated – know of somewhere worth capturing? Let me know!

Just a reminder of the cha-cha-changes that are underway at ROLP …

… Newsletters will be sent out on January 1st, May 1st, and September 1st. Periodically, mini updates with specials or important info (that cannot wait until the next newsletter) may be sent out separately.

… Specials will become seasonal as well – to be posted at the ROLP blog on the first Friday of September, January, and May.

… New & finalized pricing for portraiture and special occasion photography sessions took effect on October 1, 2008. All sessions booked on or after this date will be at the new rates.

… Individual and collection pricing for prints and image-related products will be changing as of January 1, 2009.

… Commercial photography services (as well as travel and fine art prints) have been moved to 5 foot 4 Productions. For pricing and print information, please go to This site is undergoing a redesign also, so please be patient. We hope to debut the new site in mid to late January 2009!

To the 2008 clients – don’t forget to check out our New Year’s Eve 2008 in Review featuring our favorite images from all of your sessions!

Happy New Year – may you have a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2009!
Christina (and Robby)

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